The Suecos® Story

Our Beginning


In 2006, two migrating birds originating from Sweden decided to set nest in Barcelona and start a journey of a lifetime. Combining professional expertise gained from years of work at L'Oreal Scandinavia and advisory work in Central America and Mexico, the aim was to produce unique, quality products that would add to the consumer's wellbeing, yet also fully utilize these products for the greater cause of giving back to society. These are the foundations on which the mother company SUECOS FOOTWEAR, S.L.U. Barcelona were built on, and with which Suecos®, its revolutionary main brand, has since set sail on its journey.

At Suecos® we sincerely believe that no measure of success is in itself sufficient enough without giving back to society. That is why from the very moment we started, we decided to always give back to those who need the most. Our first two destinations were Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. After coating thousands of young bare feet in these countries, we are now in the process of collaborating with more countries around the world, with our cause A Clog for A Clog.


What Is Suecos® and Where Are We Now?

Suecos® is a professional footwear brand developed with the modern professional in mind. Whether you are a nurse, chef, waitress, doctor, hotel worker, cleaning lady, office worker, bartender, pharmacist, or simply any worker who needs functionality and comfort at their work, Suecos® has been developed for you. We take pride in designing footwear that emphasizes the anatomy of the feet to give your back and joints astounding pain relief. Plenty of research and various tests are constantly conducted on the clogs we produce. Even after the production stage, all models go through a review phase to ensure that only top-notch quality reaches our end consumer. As a result we continue to match and even exceed the highest of certifications in the industry, all while constantly receiving immensely positive feedback from our valued consumers. 


Our Brand Philosophy: Profashionalism

Are you a professional? Or are you a profashional? How about both? Here at Suecos® we believe there should be no compromise between professionalism and style. We thrive in producing the most technically advanced work shoes out there, yet we do not so at the expense of aesthetics. In fact we go out of our way to attain this balance. From design to colors to ergonomics, we take your image into consideration. Nurses and waitresses can be both fashionable and comfortable. Chefs and bartenders can be protected and look stylish as well. With us, you will have the most advanced specifications in the professional footwear industry, but you will also definitely look good in the process. Suecos® is designed and tailored for professionals, but it is also definitely coated in profashionalism.

Why the Name Suecos® and All Of Our Clog Names?

The name "suecos" is a spanish wordplay; it means "swedes", but also "clogs" when spelled with a "z" instead of an "s" (zuecos). Since the company was founded in Spain by two Swedes in 2006, with the idea of improving and innovating the classical "swedish clog", we couldn't think of a more perfect name.
When it comes to our clog names, the story also has very similar roots. Inspired by the fact that we are Swedish, all of our shoe model names are derived from Nordic Mythology. From Alva to Thor we try to always find a little bit of similarity between the particular clog and the actual corresponding character in Nordic mythology.