Technology & Certifications

Suecos®, technically speaking, is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of injection molded footwear made from technically advanced closed cell polymer foam. To produce Suecos® clogs, we use X-cell™*, a material developed by our own company. It is a technologically advanced material, based in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) which offers infinite possibilities. The X-cell™ material meets current legal and recommended requirements for harmlessness of chemical substances, according to chemical analysis done by the TÜV Institute in Germany. Provides the shoes with many exceptional qualities:

Adaptable, molds to feet


Extreme softness

True relaxation, no pressure points

Exceptional all-day comfort

Resistant to liquids


Easy to clean




We proudly meet, and even exceed, most of the industry's standards, as is illustrated by the table below:

Technical specifications

Heat Resistance
Dry Heat: up to 50º C
Wet Heat: up to 50º C
Slip Resistance: Very good
Hydrocarbon Resistance: Excelent
Disolvent & Detergent Resistance: Excelent
Lactic Acid Resistance: Excelent
Lactic Acid Resistance: Excelent
Blood Resistance: Excelent
Salt Water Resistance: Excelent
Atmospheric Chemical Resistance: Excelent
Aging Resistance: Excelent
Traction Resistance: Excelent
Recyclable: Yes